12 Easy And Clever DIY Projects to Add Some Green to Your Life


Plants are beautiful there is no doubt but nowadays it’s really hard to find them indoors because for our generation it is too much work. They make environments friendlier instantly, with some creative ideas  even your small apartment can look beautiful with  Greens in it,  even your friends will start copying your small yet beautiful  projects!

Here are 12 of these Creative Projects for changing the atmosphere indoors in no time: 

source url 1. Tea Cups

Source: studiolabdecor 

Why throwing out your old Tea Cups when you can start growing greens in them, they look fresh, small and beautiful!

http://sogpg.com/?page_id=67 2.Wall Terrarium

Source & Project ruffledblog

These vertical terrarium look clean and stunning and very easy to maintain, also very easy to create them.

cheap celexa online 3. Vertical Garden

Source: allarchitecturedesigns

This is now one of  the top  trends, incorporating green into your indoors and turning them into a mini garden which is also vertical,Genius!

4. Old Books

Source: home edit

Books do provide us with knowledge and life, literally!

ranitidine mg kg 5.Brick Decor

Source: Home Edit

Change your bricks into House Decor, looks romantic and greenish, what else would you want?

6.Bubble Wrap Floating Flowers

Source&Project : smartschoolhouse

Flowers on bubble wrap will keep floating and creating a calm also satisfying moment every time you look at them.

7.Wine Glasses

Source & Project : homemade-modern

A bottle cut in half at the right point can be use to create a 2-piece planter that drains into itself. These planters are perfect for herbs and would look great on a kitchen windowsill.

8.Unused Boots

Source: Good House Keeping

Give your plants some new shoes and they will provide you some eye catching moments in every corner of your home  in and out.

9. Wooden Planter

Source: dekoloji

Old furniture can be transformed into this planter, it gives the effect of something  vintage and also the interest will rise towards it.

10. The HOT-SEAT

Source & Project : Good House Keeping

We all have that one old chair that we wanna get rid off,well don’t! while it can make  your home  entrance look beatiful and filled with life.

11.Wine Cork

Source: Craftionary

Wine bottles we’re alright, but did you had any idea that also the Wine corks could be used to create small but  attractive little plant growers.



Source : costafarms

Having a purse that you’re not using anymore? Why throwing it out when you can transform your unused purse to a trendy plant keeper in your room.